About Us

Since 1999, Kapoor Dental and Orthodontic Centre has been resurrecting the dental health domain with its array of services aimed at recreating the smile of your dream. Our dental specialty center declares with pride the existential use of four dental chairs and high tech equipment that are complacent with the global standards to ensure an experience that awards total gratification.

Your visit to the clinic would give us the opportunity to exhibit our ensemble of doctors and staff with credentials and credibility combined in unison to give you a harmonious experience. The areas of expertise are eloquent and diverse canvassing a wide range of specialty services accompanied with a team of surgeons and orthodontics. Your oral health receives a completely attentive analysis enabling you to make calculated decisions.

At Kapoor Dental and Orthodontic Centre, we are driven by a zeal of commitment and compassion dispensing our expertise with ardor because we take pride in what we do and why we do it

Our Mission

We stand with conviction in aggregating the delivery of the finest healthcare for the citizens. The brand of confidence is neatly put forth, translating our efforts into a smile that exemplifies ‎your overall being.

Our Vision

Encapsulating ‎marked perfectionism in the dental services we offer, the philosophy behind our work ethos is to override the impairments you witness. With our technology and skill we commit to preserve your oral health.

Our Team